How to Wash Cloth Nappies

All nappy brands an groups have different wash guidelines. Please follow the below when using your Cloth Nappy Library loan kit. When washing your own nappies you can choose to wash at 40 degrees, use Bio powder and tumble try on low heat. 

Yes please
  • Remove solids straight away (If started weaning).
  • Dry pail: keep nappies in bucket or wash bag until you have enough for a wash.
  • Close all Velcro Tabs on cloth nappies. 
  • First a Cold Rinse & spin. 
  • Bio Powder (Full dose)
  • Full long cotton wash at 60 degrees.  
  • An extra rinse. (Only in a soft water area). 
  • Do not use fabric softener. 
  • No optical brighteners. 
  • No liquid pods. 
  • No tumble drying. 
  • Please do not place nappies on direct heat (radiators). 
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